Taiwan PC Software Study- End User Buying Behavior Analysis


Leading Software Vendor in Worldwide Markets

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

As an important market tracking and scanning system for years, this project helped our client understand the current adoption rate of PC OS & NOS in selected commercial segments. This project tracked the OS shares, dominated OS, end user preference, purchase criteria of PC Operating Systems, PC Server Network Operating Systems, and Appliance Server Operating Systems.

The Solution

Through the large-scale end user survey, we collected 747 valid samples among selected commercial segments: Transportation, Banking, Security & Insurance, Government, Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retailer, Import & Export, Education & Research, and Services. All samples were carefully balanced between Small Org (1-49 PCs), Core-Morg(50-249 PCs), Hi-Morg(250-499 PCs), Breadth(500-999 PCs) and Depth(over 1,000 PCs). The challenge of this study was composed of the 2-dimensional sampling, and analysis of the tremendous amount of the collected data.

The Result

We delivered the picture of OS shares, purchased OS in the last 3 months, 1 year and future 1 year. We analyzed the PC OS, PC Server NOS, Appliance Server OS end user buying behaviors by different company sizes and by industries. We also conducted the year to year comparisons to inform our client the change of market. Such detailed yearly analysis and report attributed part of our client's success in dominating the related software markets.

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