Taiwan Call Center Study


Initiated by a US Investement Fund Manager

Project Type

Multi-Client Report

The Challenge

Our client intends to invest their money to set up a call center service company in Taiwan. They are interested in conducting a consulting project to help them understand the potential market size and business targets. As part of the agreement, the survey can be extended to cover richer scope and the results be shared as a multi-client report.

The Solution

We finished 90 face-to-face interviews targeted at leading enterprizes among six high potential segments: Retail Banking/Credit Card Issuer, Insurance Companies, Consumer Products, Technology/Industrial, Transportation, Others(Hotel/Distribution/Securities). We measured the present usage and demands of call center, phone canter, and call center services. We examined the factors of call center applications concerned by the sampled companies. We also developed the appropriate packages with different functions of call center services for various call companies and industries.

The Result

We suggested the Taiwan call center service market was prematured at that time being. Major concerns of the surveyed companies were the confidentiality of their customer information and databases. Customers needed years to be educated and see successful cases to start outsourcing their call centers. Meanwhile the customer loyalty was not high, any initial investment can't guarantee the long term success, especially when competitors step in with lower price offering later. The client decided to hold their investment to other attractive areas.

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