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Project Type

Multi-Client Report

The Challenge

With the tremendous growth of the notebook market worldwide, there is an increasing need to provide information on the level of notebook manufacturing in countries that support the successful growth. Taiwan notebook vendors, who play a significant role in worldwide notebook production, have been brought to the forefront in this high growth and highly competitive market. To those interested in entering this market, either on their own or by looking for suitable alliances or joint-venture partnerships, it is necessary to obtain a good understanding of the notebook ODM/OEM industry.

The Solution

With a view to assess the performance and the strategies being adopted by the various notebook vendors, we designed and conducted a market research study targeting the top 11 Taiwanese notebook manufacturers, namely Acer, Alpha-Top (GVC), Arima, ASUSTeK, Clevo/Kapok, Compal, FIC, Inventec, MTC (MiTAC), Quanta, and Twinhead. This report presented the key findings of this research study on notebook vendor strategies in the ODM/OEM arena as well as own-brand businesses.

The objectives of this study were set as follows:

- To understand the status of the Taiwanese notebook vendors' development and their relationships with customers.

- To size the vendors' market shares and projected growth while gauging the corresponding areas of opportunity for those interested in these markets.

- To benchmark the competitiveness of Taiwan's top notebook manufacturers.

The Result

This report outlined the evolution of Taiwan's notebook manufacturing industry by providing detailed profiles of the country's top notebook producers. The report also examined the ODM/OEM relationships among the key component suppliers, Taiwan's notebook manufacturers and their customers. In addition, a review of product trends was coupled with an industry outlook to provide our views on the direction of the market. Finally, concrete recommendations were provided to assist vendors in evaluating each manufacturer's performance for those who seek outsourcing opportunities in Taiwan.

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