The Official Launch of TechInsight Inc.

New Identity. New Milestone.

Taipei, Taiwan, December 1, 2002 - Today IDC Taiwan Ltd., the leading IT research company in Taiwan, announced that it has changed its name and its brand to TechInsight Inc. The new identity underscores TechInsight's commitment to set a new direction as a full-service consulting and research company supporting a broader range of technology industries.

TechInsight was originally established in 1993 as IDC Taiwan Ltd., the independent representative of International Data Corporation in Taiwan. International Data Corporation is the global industry leader with 51 offices in 43 countries. Through nine-year's effort and development, IDC Taiwan Ltd. has become the most recognized and trusted market intelligence source in Taiwan's IT industry.

IDC Taiwan Ltd. decided to expand its range of client services in both vertical and horizontal dimensions, by providing better consulting services and expanding industry coverage beyond information technology into electronics, telecom, content and other emerging technology sectors. To reflect this change, we terminated the agency relationship with International Data Corporation and renamed ourselves to TechInsight Inc. Meanwhile, International Data Corporation intends to open a wholly-owned branch office in Taiwan to pursue its original service model.

With our comprehensive reference database which is recognized as the best by Taiwan's technology sector, TechInsight has established its reputation for delivering consistent and reliable forecast information, accurate and authoritative analysis as well as insightful perspectives on technology trends.

"Our clients will enjoy better quality of service and research under our new identity. This is the critical time for Taiwanese companies as the chip business is likely to re-bound early next year.", said CM Chiang, Managing Director of TechInsight. "There is a lot riding on the decisions that companies are making currently. They need the best information and insights available."

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