An Analysis of Taiwanese Women's Websites


Leading Cable TV Operator in Asia

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client is a leading CATV operator in Asia, who is interested in starting a new website focus on women forum and shopping business in Taiwan. The challenge is what kind of websites will Taiwanese women linger on? What will they pay for on the website? What kind of content attracts the Taiwanese women most? What kind of products to offer on the website? In short, how to start a new business of women's website in Taiwan?

The Solution

We assigned the female analysts to screen all Taiwan women related websites, experienced, discussed and finally we concluded that 16 target websites are most attractive to women and girls. Then we based on these 16 leading women's websites to start the research - to understanding the background stories, daily traffic, content, feature, services offerings; to analyze the website performance by attractiveness, transmission speed, content, marketing strategy, distinctness, and explicitness; and to talk to the website owners to learn from their experiences.

The Result

Our delivery included the leading 16 Taiwanese women websites' ratings, comparison tables and TechInsight opinions on how to absorb their strengths & avoid their weaknesses. Our client was very happy with this report and all the interesting findings. Unfortunately due to the dot com and NASDAQ crash, the client decided to stop all dot com related business investment, including this plan.

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