Multi-Client Studies
  Research Reports

From strategic consulting to technology research, TechInsight combines our deep industry knowledge with research expertise to create solutions that bring real, tangible enterprise value to our clients. We strive to increase business velocity by delivering a rapid return on investment with market intelligence. Our clients view us as their partner because we deliver what we promise and are committed to their success.

We offer the following results-focused solutions:


TechInsight has provided customized consulting services to a wide range of IT clients to develop business strategies, fine-tune product development and pricing, define and implement marketing goals, assess competitive forces, and evaluate investment directions, joint ventures or acquisitions. Consulting is the most valuable service we offer, putting our expertise, experience and wide range of information resources at your disposal to meet your most pressing strategic challenges.

Multi-Client Studies

Occasionally, the requirement to conduct research in a particular market area may exist, but the cost of the project may be too great for one client to support. In these circumstances, TechInsight may work with several vendors to develop a multi-client study.

Research Reports

Research Reports are discrete product offerings which aim to provide timely strategic and tactical information to vendors and users of computer hardware, software and telecom services. TechInsight research reports cover a broad range of disciplines from Taiwan supply side research, telecom, hardware, software, wireless data, application service providers (ASPs) and eBusiness, to digital cameras
and portals.


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