Multi-Client Studies
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Multi-Client Studies

Occasionally, the requirement to conduct research in a particular market area may exist, but the cost of the project may be too great for one client to support. In these circumstances,
TechInsight may work with several vendors to develop a multi-client study.

nder this program, the cost of specialized research is shared between a number of interested parties, whether vendors and users, or a combination of both. After identifying the research requirement, TechInsight works with the subscribers to define the scope of the study, identify the sample base and determine the deliverables and schedule. Typically, deliverables under this type of study are one or more printed reports, and a presentation to key executives within the subscriber organizations.

echInsight also works with other companies on multi-client studies which may be regional or international in focus. The requirement for these studies may be driven from TechInsight. The types of topics which have, or might be addressed by a multi-client study include:

Systems integration/outsourcing
Reseller satisfaction
Customer satisfaction
Migration intentions
Open systems adoption
Consumer technology adoption

and other focused research of smaller segments of the market where the small number of players may preclude TechInsight from conducting generic research.


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