Taiwan Laser Printer Market Study


Leading Worldwide Printer Vendor in Taiwan

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to increase the market shares of their own brand laser printer, and have a better understanding of the buying behaviors of the target markets. Such as what was the overall market situations? Market shares? Why customers purchased injet printers or laser printers? their Printing requirements? Major specs and applications? Decision making flows? Selection criteria? and their future printer function expectations?

The Solution

We focused on 5 targeted industries selected by our client: Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Desktop Publishing, and Healthcare, finished 20 samples among top companies of each segment, total 100 valid samples. We conducted in-depth interviews with MIS managers, department heads, or company heads. We delivered the total market size, shares, trends, and analyzed the collected data which included the expenditures spent in printer hardware, maintenance services, and printer consumerables, down to the industry segments.

The Result

This report proved a valuable resource for our client to understand the total market size, industry trends, and their positions. They knew why clients purchased, when they purchased, and what products/specs clients were likely to purchase. Such research report provided excellent assistance for our client's product development, and sales/marketing planning.

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