Taiwan Server Market Data Book


Those who are interested in Taiwan's server market

Project Type

Multi-Client Report

The Challenge

It's always the vendor's desire to know the specific market size, market shares, and vendor performances in selected targeted markets. When such general demands existing among various vendors, a multi-client report is good to deliver the common information to be shared by those who have the common interest.

The Solution

We collected, interviewed, and analyzed Taiwan's server market from leading vendors and channels, and wrote the research findings in this report. It is segmented by server and workstation, by vendor unit, revenue, by price bands, by operating systems, i.e. Unix, OS/390, OS/400, Open/VMS, and Other OS; down to the quarterly basis. This report also included the growth and forecast information.

The Result

Market growth and market shares are very important indicators for vendors to run a business. With the objectively collected growth and share information, on the cost sharing basis, our clients were able to understand their server business performances and positions in the Taiwan markets. Multi-client reports also help our clients formulate the best marketing strategies to win the market, at a relatively lower cost.

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