Internet Data Center Market in Taiwan


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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Conforming to the worldwide trend, the B2B business and Internet Data Center (IDC) services were booming in Taiwan. Our client wanted to understand the Taiwan IDC opportunities in the shortest timeframe, in order to formulate the best strategies to capitalize on this growing market.

The Solution

We collected, interviewed, and analyzed 26 key ISPs, Telecom, International HSPs, Conglomerates, and Emerging Entrants. We investigated their background, targets, advantages, strategies, KSF, SWOT, market drivers, and services. The report covered demand side profiles, demand side analysis, summary and cost analysis.

The Result

What is learned before doing is an asset; what is learned during doing is a liability; what is learned after doing is a disaster. Our client invested time and money in market information before they decide the business directions. This movement contributed a lot to its later success in Taiwan's IDC market.

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