Taiwanese Pre-Paid Telephone Card Market Study


Leading Fixed Network Operator in Taiwan

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intends to increase the sales of the pre-paid & post-paid international calling cards. They are interested in conducting a consulting project to help them understand the potential buyers' purchase behaviors. In order to design the right products with right prices, through the right channels, to stimulate the best sales results in Taiwan.

The Solution

We conducted an end-user survey targeted at 2 segments: experienced pre-paid card users of foreign labors (Philippine, Indonesia, Thailand) and Taiwanese (Commercial, Education, Service, Transportation, others). We conducted total 161 in-depth interviews plus 433 telephone surveys to understand and analyze the interviewees' international call usage, spending amounts per month, buying behaviors, decision factors, purchase channel, favored promotions, and their recommendations.

The Result

We delivered the interesting survey results, including their monthly usage of international calls, time and cost; the percentage who purchased the pre-paid cards, from which channel; satisfactions to the current pre-paid card suppliers, favored promotion, etc. We simulated from the foreign labor population with the survey results to estimate the total market size of both labors and Taiwanese users. This project helped our client form successful product strategies & marketing campaigns, and win the market eventually.

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