Taiwan Top 100 SI/VAR Study


A Worldwide Leading IT Supplier

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

As the challenge for the new product entering the market, the right distribution channels will be one of the major considerations no matter where else in the world market. We have received the request from a world leading IT vendor for studying the top 100 SI/VARs in Taiwan, in order to understand the market situation and each company's activities in the Taiwan market.

The Solution

Among the countless H/W & S/W applications, channel plays a key role in implementing helpful solutions and providing consulting services & support to their customers. We conducted a study covering the supply side in this phase. From the supply side perspective, we focused on the viewpoints from channels, such as their business model, alliance & partner relationship, business outlook and future forecast, major market trends, and drivers & inhibitors. Besides learning the key channel vendors marketing & sales activity, we also took possession of the end user's needs & wants, vendors selection criteria, and buying behaviors.

The Result

In this study, we explored top 100 leading distributors, system integrators (SI) and value added retailers (VAR). We found out and delivered some facts, interesting and noticeable information of each company to provide our client with a clear view of market situation. Based on the accurate analysis of leading vendors' behavior, our client understood each distribution channels' market position and expertise in different industries, then made the informed decisions to succeed.

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