Multi-Client Research for Taiwan Power Supply Market


Worldwide Leading Power Supply Providers in Taiwan

Project Type

Multi-Client Research

The Challenge

The power supply market has already entered the phase of ripeness. Although the market still grows at a steady rate each year, approximately at the level of 10%, there is little space left to seek for major technological breakthroughs. What made things worse, the emerging trend of low cost PC has also squeezed the profit margin of the PC component vendors, including the SPS (Switching Power Supply) manufacturers. Under such unfavorable circumstances, with the ever-intensifying competition pressure in this market, market players hope to know how to make the next moves to increase competency.

The Solution

With a view to assess the operations and strategies being employed by the various SPS vendors, TechInsight has designed and conducted a market research study targeting Taiwanese major SPS manufacturers. Due to the importance of the competitive analysis which may constitute the clients' investment and marketing decision, TechInsight has conducted both in-depth desktop research and a series of face-to-face interviews with the targeted segments to address the objectives are shown as follows:

1. To understand the current status of the existing SPS vendors as well as first-tier and second-tier customers in main segments.

2. To conduct a SWOT analysis concerning the operations and strategies of the market leaders and channels.

3. To assess the market dynamic and provide TechInsight's view of market insight.

The Result

In this study, we have explored the relationships between vendors, channels, and customers. From this, we find out some facts interesting and noticeable. Based on an accurate analysis of leading vendors' behavior, clients understand their market position and make sound decisions.

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