Taiwan Software Market Study, 2000-2004


Renown International Software Vendors in Taiwan

Project Type

Multi-Client Research

The Challenge

The Taiwan software market is expected to grow by a 00-04 CAGR of 18.2% and total to US$1.21B by yearend 2004. How will market contenders ride along this unpredictable wave through constant searching of emerging opportunities while achieving maximum business growth? This study aimed to provide an up-to-date market landscape with in-depth diagnosis of individual market segments for clients' best attacking strategy formulation.

The Solution

As an ongoing effort to a continual information service, series of supply-side studies have been introduced periodically. Primary researches were conducted throughout the value-chain, including the software vendors, distributors, system integrators (SI) and value added retailers (VAR) with reinforcement of creditable secondary resources, software market database and in-house modeling to ensure the integrity and accuracy of our data.

The Result

Emerging sub-markets and upcoming demand trends were successfully pinpointed with disclosure of behind-the-scenes driving forces and the must-have winning factors to a fruitful harvest; For instance, product localization and effective sales and support network establishment are the two major determinations to winning the game. It is a must-read for both the new and experienced players who constantly looking for market stake extension and position advancement.

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