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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client requested TechInsight's assistance in developing a study to understand Taiwan middleware market opportunity. This study intended to accomplish the objectives: 1. Global middleware and ASSPs market structure and trends, 2. Existing and future demand of middleware and ASSPs through end user survey of ISV/SI and 7 vertical markets, 3. Highlight the selected vendors' operations, headcount, partners, and SWOT, 4. Help customer to formulate the best middleware and ASSPs marketing strategies.

The Solution

To achieve the research objectives, TechInsight had conducted 90 in-depth interviews on 7 industries, namely Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, NetGen, Retail, Telecom, and Transportation. We also conducted 15 face to face interviews on ISV/SI, and finally 10 interviews on vendors/channels. The Vendor/channel interviews included IBM, BEA Systems, iPlanet, Oracle, TIBCO and Microsoft.

The Result

We found Taiwan middleware and ASSPs market was booming at the time frame, the technology barrier was the key criterion which influenced the middleware and ASSPs market development; a time lag for enhancing current engineers' ability to a new level. Therefore, full technology support will encourage users to adopt middleware and ASSPs. Moreover, apart from the pricing issue, there were also some major considerations of decision making for the customer before launching their products into the market, which include Brand-Image establishment, Channel Network building, Product Functions, and the Marketing Activities to educate users and keep close relationship with ISV/SI.

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