Taiwan Tape Market Study


A Worldwide Leading IT Manufacturer

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client was the first-tier IT manufacturer in Worldwide market that offers various IT H/W & S/W products and services on a wide range of solutions to establish a competitive brand positioning. They needed to understand the business activities from both existing and potential competitors, and determining the market situation where to comprehend the potentiality of new products as well as to identify favorable applications and solutions of their target customers.

The Solution

A new product introduction not only opens new doors to operation revenue but also requires tremendous efforts to educate the market and build up product awareness and confidence. When addressing a new product of a company to entry the market, few respondents will have sufficient knowledge to reliably answer questions about it. Our solution was to approach and fully understood the business strategies of major market players (existing and potential) and the market's behaviors from various distribution channels.

The Result

After interviewed with twelve preselected major industry players and the distribution channels, we developed the actual market scenarios such as company profiles, overall industry outlook and future opportunities; and delivered to our client as a reference for marketing and channel strategies planning. This was a good example of the "informed decisions" made by our valuable client.

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