Taiwan 3G Wireless Market Opportunity Study

Leading Broadband Telecom Operator in Taiwan

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client, a later the 3G license winner, was interesting in the 3G market opportunity in Taiwan, and how 2G/2.5G subscribers view and precept the upcoming 3G wireless applications. To gain the understanding of people, in different demographic segments; to collect opinions from payers among the supply chain and independent opinion leaders; and to profile the potential license contenders.

The Solution

We conducted 4 sets of in-depth interviews with 2/2.5G Carriers, Potential License Contenders, System/Terminal Suppliers, and Independent Opinion Leaders. We also conducted a large scale Web/Telephone survey to collect 8,411 valid end user samples, and to categorize them by Management, White Collar/Professionals, Blue Collar/Workers, SOHO, Teenage/Youth, and Home Makers.

The Result

This study was a big success. We delivered to our client the market conditions, regulation and environment, mobile value chain, 3G potential contenders, case studies, application timing evaluation & user preference, forecast & projections, and our opinions. This report contributed part of our client's success in winning the 3G license in Taiwan.

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