Internet Data Center Market in Taiwan


Multi-National Hard Disk Drive Vendor in Asia

Project Type

Multi-Client Study

The Challenge

We have been requested by a Multi-National HDD vendor who was interested to know the total market share of HDD product in Taiwan. Considered the application of HDD product with computer products, the data collection for the sales from both Own Brand products and OEM business markets were required.

The Solution

We conducted 4 sets of in-depth interviews with HDD Manufacturers, Computer Vendors, Channels/Distributors, and OEM customers. We collected the data from each single unit and did the cross check for the security check of data accuracy, such as the shipment units from HDD manufacturers to each Computer vendors, the complete system sales from Computer vendors to it's distribution channels, the orders which OEM customers placed to computer vendors, and the unit sales from channels/distributors.

The Result

In the study, we have delivered the overall market share of HDD products in Taiwan, the trends/activities from each HDD manufacturers, and the market interests/customer behavior from end-users and computer vendors, which provided a clear view to our customer before they decided their future product development and as well as marketing plan.

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