Taiwan PDA Market Quarterly Tracking Service


A Leading Japanese Consumer Electronic Company

Project Type

Quarterly Tracking Consulting Project

The Challenge

"Despite of being a late comer to the PDA market, we have successfully conquered many markets globally with our full line of selections. We are now heading for Taiwan and require a comprehensive understanding of this fierce-competed PDA market in order to establish a sound market-entry strategy and to gain lion share within the shortest possible timeframe."

The Solution

To enter this intensive war zone requires more than just the market data but an elaborate, all-round strategy planning. We have developed a long-term, quarterly market observation program to capture the dynamics and movements of the market and leading performers in this space. Through our two-tier value-chain approach, a close market monitoring research enabled a timely, unbiased continual information supply necessary to each phase of our client's strategy planning and key decision making.

The Result

Our unfailing intelligence service enabled our client to a full grasp of the market landscape long before its participation. which became an important reference to their subsequent framing of market entry strategy; included the establishment of distributorship network, blending of product offering, designing of pricing scheme, and the penetration scheme of the market.

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