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Project Type

Multi-Client Report
The Challenge

By technology innovation, the price/performance of the notebook makes it easier for users to adopt it as a second PC or a desktop replacement. Other than its affordable price serving as a key trigger, most of the advanced notebooks have similar performances to desktops. In early 2002, the price and specification of the portable desktop PC are widely accepted by end users. As expected, the notebook's consumer market will become more important, as both desktop and notebook PC vendors try to maintain and increase their PC business via the new portable desktop. In 2001, the worldwide top 10 desktop vendors took only 60% of the market share, whereas the notebook top 10 vendors grabbed 80% of the demands in 2001. As expected, more desktop or regional vendors will join this market. How the MNC and regional vendors response the fierce engagements starting in 2002?

The Solution

In 2001, Taiwan became the worldwide biggest notebook manufacturer country. This case we focused on the supply chain of notebook industry, especially from the manufacture side in Taiwan. The study is based on information gathered from both the primary and secondary research resources over a six-month period. In gathering data for both the forecasting and analysis portions of this report, TechInsight conducted extensive interviews with all the major MNC vendors and Taiwanese manufacturers currently marketing or developing notebook products. The interviews were based on in-depth surveys. When necessary, follow-up interviews were scheduled with notebook's key component vendors to review specific discussion points.

The Result

In this report, we explored the relationships between notebook vendors and OEM/ODM manufactures. We suggested the outlook and future development of this industry, also provided our recommendation to our clients to select their right notebook makers/partners based on the makers' performance in different fields, such as Mechanical Design, Electrical Design, Manufacturing (yield rate, AFR), Global Logistics, and etc.

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