Taiwan IT Services & Outsourcing Market Analysis, 2002


Leading IT Service Providers in Taiwan

Project Type

Multi-Client Research

The Challenge

Our clients are the leading IT players worldwide that offers top class of computing product services on a wide range of marketing solutions to establish competitive brand positioning. In order to identifying new trends in advance of their becoming mainstream, and they need a way of monitoring development of markets among their customers and prospects on a global basis. They need to know if our strategies are working. They need to be able to insert questions on our product development plans easily and quickly and have the results back rapidly. The important issue is has to make sure the data must be consistent and reliable.

The Solution

We strive to help our clients examine the pulse of market situations and competitors' activities - to obtain the insight and focused information necessary to make sound decisions. Coupling the latest in market information and survey results with proven diagnostic tools and immediate reporting, we're dedicated to providing, prompt, reliable, actionable information to our clients. We work hard to research and develop the best survey instrument to fit each client's needs and provide the market insights to design our administration plans to minimize the impact on business operations. Our goal is to make the next survey project a success.

The Result

After scanning the market and the information collection by interviewing the leading players, the findings provide the market trends, customer behavior and product innovation directory as a reference to the clients which helps them to have a clear view before making any further decisions.

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