Taiwan PC End User Survey


Worldwide Leading IT Providers in Taiwan

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

In order to create more business opportunities, best starting with understanding the target markets. Every company thought about the top 500 companies in Taiwan as one of the target. This project was intended to understand Taiwan's top 500 companies PC, Notebook, Network purchase and usage, as well as their future purchase intention & plans.

The Solution

We interviewed 526 large public and private organizations in Taiwan, to understand their IT usage for PCs, Notebooks, and Networks. The study was completed by intensive telephone and fax survey, with personal conversations with the interviewees on the phone.

The Result

At the surveyed period, 64% of respondents reported purchasing between 1- 10 PCs during the first half of 1993. 13% reported purchasing between 11 and 20 PCs, and 8% reported purchasing 21 - 50 PCs. Notebook ownership among the top 526 accounts is still not high; 57% of respondents indicated no notebooks are currently owned by their organization, and only 38 respondents indicated their organization currently owns more than 6 notebooks. 27% of organizations that currently do not have networks indicated they expect to implement network configurations within the next 18 months.

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