Reseller Satisfaction Survey


Worldwide Leading IT Providers in Taiwan

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

As a worldwide leading vendor, our client appreciated the value of resellers' satisfaction, which has always been a key to guarantee a long term partnership and business continuity. Reseller satisfaction survey intended to help our client in determining the satisfaction level of major PC & Peripheral resellers in the areas of Business Terms, Support, Marketing, Technical Support, and Product Distribution.

The Solution

We conducted 13 face-to-face interviews with multi-vendor PC & Peripheral resellers. These resellers carried not only our client's products, but also for other vendors. Therefore we were not only collecting their satisfaction and comments to our client, but also its competing rivals altogether for all unbiased comparisons. Furthermore, we structured this evaluation research into 5 distinctive operation areas with 26 key factors to be carefully investigated; by breaking down the Business Terms into 6 subcategorizes; dividing the Operation Support into 4 groups; separating the Marketing Activities into 5 distinctive areas; studying the Technical Support from 5 diffident angles and examining Product Distribution systems by 6 perspectives.

The Result

In this survey, we listened to resellers' voices. Resellers were near customers, influenced customer purchases, dealt with several vendors; their loyalty and satisfaction were important to vendors' long term success. We delivered to our client the reseller satisfaction ratings, each factor's relative importance, vendor comparisons, channel issues and comments. Then our client could base on this report, objectively measure their channel management results and determine areas for improvement.

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