Office Applications: Consumer U&A Study


LWorldwide Leading Software Vendor in Taiwan

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to launch the new office suite applications, this study was undertaken as a marketing support tool prior to the product launch. The objective was to understand the process end-users learn about, select, and purchase application software; the level of end-users satisfaction to the current office applications; and the extent to which end-users utilize the integrative features of the office suite.

The Solution

We reviewed existing data and information regarding Taiwan's software market and computer consumers to develop a questionnaire for a broad-based consumer U&A survey. Then we conducted random intercept interviews with 600 visitors of the Taiwan Application Show, and complimented by a set of depth interviews with resellers active in the package software market. These interviews focused on distilling resellers' understanding of Taiwan end users.

The Result

The average hardware configuration comprised a 486 CPU, a hard disk over 125MB, a VGA or higher-resolution display, and over 4MB memory. Microsoft enjoyed leading market shares in the Word Processor, Spreadsheet, and Presentation segments, and fairly consistent across IEU, FIEU, and GEU customer segments. We delivered the end-users current usage, satisfaction, purchase behaviors, analyzed the price elasticity for different attributes, and made our overall recommendations.

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