Taiwan PC Package Software Study


Worldwide Leading Software Vendor in Asia

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

We conducted this study twice in a year to understand the total market size and share for Taiwan PC package software in 1993 and 1H 1994. The PC package software included in this study were Word-processing, Spreadsheet. Presentation, Office Suite, Database, Language, and Groupware.

The Solution

We interviewed the leading PC package software vendors as well as all of their distributors. The vendors covered in this study were Microsoft, Lotus, Borland, WordPerfect, SPC, CA, Coral Draw, etc. Distributors included were Acer, Eten, Synnex, Wordpro, Unalis, Tech Pacific, Sinster, Zero One, CMS, Hwa-Yu, SIS, Three Wave, etc.

The Result

We estimated total 63,406 units of package software worth US$13.7M were sold to Taiwan marketplace in 1H1994, which accounted 57% of the unit software and 35% of the dollar value in 1993. We not only analyzed the market dynamics, profiled the market positions of Microsoft, Lotus, and other leading software vendors, but also studied their marketing activities, and investigated the opportunity of Upgrade and Academic software packages.

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