Computer Voice Technology and Applications in Taiwan


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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client planned to enter Taiwan's Computer Voice Technology (CVT) software markets,which included Speech to Text, Text to Speech, Voice Navigation; prior to the product launch, they wanted to know the market size, growth, segmentation, competitive status, customer applications and function requirements, price expectations, etc.

The Solution

We interviewed 12 industry leaders in Academic Research Institutes, Government Research Units, and Commercial Industry; to understand the technology breakthrough and current development. We also conducted a large scale telephone survey to interview 464 Workstation/PC users among selected segments, namely Telecom & Media, Government & Education, Production, Distribution, Health, Finance, Transportation, PC-Home, Mac-Corporate, Mac-Home, and IT Companies; to understand the use users' adoption willingness and the price expectations.

The Result

In this new market area, we delivered the overall market size from industry players' forecast and the analysis of market potentials. We described Taiwan CVT research teams' progress, budget and plan, product differentiation, market accelerators and prohibitors. We analyzed the end users behaviors and expectation, and concluded that it's an obscure market due to technology bottlenecks, Chinese words characteristics, and the immature solutions; it's also a high demand/low fulfillment market, caused the wait and see attitude of most vendors and end users. We suggested our client keep in early penetration, set conservative sales target, free/trial marketing & promotional strategies, invest in solution development, and research partnership building. Our suggestions resulted our client in concluding a less aggressive sales and marketing plan, saved millions dollars and marketing effort. It proved this technology & solution were not widely accepted until many years later.

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