Taiwan CNC / PLC Market Survey


Multinational Machinery & IT supplier in Germany

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

This study is our first non-IT research project. Our client talked to a few research candidates, and found there were no dedicated machinery research firms in Taiwan, they gave us the opportunity. Our client intended to find out the PLC market size, shares, growth, competitive status, channel operations, customer requirements, satisfaction, loyalty, and vendor positioning, etc.

The Solution

To collect and analyze the market required by the client, we interviewed 7 vendors, 4 distributors, 6 consultancy, and 9 system houses. We also interviewed 16 OEM vendors among Taiwan's top machinery manufacturers selected by the client, and finished 30 end-user interview. All interviews were done by TechInsight experienced analysts and managers, to come our the detailed analysis and reports.

The Result

Our report included the market share, brand awareness, customer satisfactions, product feature, customer requirements, and etc. We also developed the industry profiles, comparisons, and recommendations, all proved very helpful. Satisfied with our results, the client added the CNC study later and the Servo Drive project in the next year. With our hard work and professional quality, we not only won this non-IT research opportunity, and more important - the client's trust.

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