End Users' Purchase Behaviors on PC Operating Systems


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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

This study intended to understand end-users' adoption on PC operating systems, awareness of the PC OS and vendor perception, purchase preference and preferred channels. It was designed to be a quick study to answer all questions within the shortest possible time frame.

The Solution

To finish this assignment with the very tight time pressure, we collected 656 valid samples in the Taipei Computex. We grouped all samples by Home users (248) and Corporate users (408); as well as Windows users and non-Windows users to investigate the different usage and behaviors of different segments. We also collected their opinions to IBM's OS/2, to compare with the dominating Microsoft Windows.

The Result

Windows accounted 71%, DOS 18%, both Windows & OS/2 7%, OS/2 only 1%, and others 3% in this survey. We delivered a lot of analysis regarding overall PC OS market, shares, usage, end user purchased channel, willingness to upgrade, PC OS awareness, satisfaction, and function requirements. This study helped our client to understand their product positioning, customer purchase behaviors & expectations, and to formulate the best sales and marketing strategies.

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