Taiwan Server / Workstation Cost of Ownership Study


Worldwide Leading IT Provider in Taiwan

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to understand its price positioning of server and workstation in contrast with competitors in initial cost of ownership and service packages. The initial cost of ownership analysis included the list prices, base configurations, maximum, and minimum discounts for selected popular models of IBM, HP, Digital, Sun, SGI, and Compaq.

The Solution

First we discussed with the vendors and selected each vendor's popular models in the market, developed the reference configurations, and classified the products by Xtra-High, High, Mid-High, Mid-Low, and low segments. Then we collected all information through a series of depth interviews with vendors, VARs (Value Added Resellers), End-users, total more than 20 face to face interviews were conducted in this study. Based on the list prices, configurations, discounts, and service packages, we made all unbiased analysis and comparisons.

The Result

We delivered to our client tremendous price comparison tables and analysis in each product category, as well as the service package comparisons. We compared each vendor's markup and discount, price term, software weighting, warranty programs, and provided the vendor highlights. This report was proved very helpful for our client to understand the competitive environment as well as its positioning, and to develop the best price and service strategies for their server and workstation.

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