Taiwan Server & Workstation Service Market Study


Leading IT Supplier in Worldwide Markets

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

When IT service businesses were booming, the service coverage, prices and efficiency had became an important selection criteria for customers to purchase their servers and workstations. Our client intended to understand details of the service coverage, service scope and prices offered in the market, and the service efficiency of the leading market players.

The Solution

We started with 2 phrases, 1st was to interview vendors to decide each vendor's leading server and workstation models in low-end, mid-end, medium, mid-high, and high-end segments. Based on mutual agreed models in these segments, we conducted the 2nd phrase interviews with IBM, HP, Sun, SGI, DEC and their channels to investigate their service scope, hardware warranty services, hours coverage, response time, software and contractual services, preventive maintenance, remote diagnostics, etc. We also included 2 case studies to told our client the background, decision flow, selection criteria, and purchase results of two large organizations in such a highly competitive sales war.

The Result

In this report, we delivered each vendor's detailed service programs, service organization, service offerings, prices, channel programs, service business views, customer views, and case studies. Our client caught up the service industry knowledge and the competitive situations quickly, thus tuned their strategies and enjoyed years of high growth in their IT service businesses.

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