Selected Taiwan OEM Notebook Manufacturer Profiles


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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to look for the notebook OEM partner in Taiwan. Before the formal contacts & negotiations, an objective evaluation from a 3rd party is very helpful for our client to find a key partner and make this important business decision.

The Solution

We did a screen to highlight 7 selected OEM notebook manufacturers. To achieve the above objective, we start interviewing and evaluating the potential partnership opportunity with the following scope: R&D Capability, Production Capacity, Quality Assurance, Financial Stability, Supplier Relationship, Project Management, Logistic Support, etc. We analyzed their company positioning, revenue, organization, R&D team and staff, technology, finances, global logistic support, OEM records, inside stories, etc. to help the client make the informed decision.

The Result

What is learned before the negotiation is an asset; what is learned during the negotiation is a liability; what is learned after the negotiation is a disaster. We provide the most accurate information and analysis to help our client make the best decision before the negotiation, and we help the Taiwanese company to increase the global business opportunities. Our client was satisfied with our report and kept looking for our advice after years.

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