Multimedia Kiosk System in Taiwan - An Opportunity Study


Multinational IT supplier in Japan

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to launch a new "touch & find" Kiosk system in Taiwan. Prior to the product launch, we were invited to start a consulting project to achieve the below purposes: How big was the market potential? What were the major applications for Stand Alone and Through Network in selected industries? How were the expected hardware & software spending? What were the purchase behaviors and selection criteria of the potential buyers by industry?

The Solution

We interviewed 80 leading companies in 16 selected industries, included Airport, Hotel, Travel Agency, Department Stores, Construction, Entertainment, Wholesaler, Retailer, Book Store, Airline, Land Transportation, Banking/Securities, High Education, Hospital, Government Hall, Library. We intended to develop the overall market size, shares, customer purchase behaviors, selection criteria, major applications; and by screening 16 industries to find out the target markets through the desk research and end user studies.

The Result

We delivered the overall Kiosk market size for both hardware, software from 1996-2000, based on the population and the surveyed results. We told client the expected prices from clients, and ranked the selected 16 industries by the market potential, and the reasons why. This comprehensive report helped our client catch up the market overview in a very short time frame, with a very effective marketing approach.

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