Taiwan PC Server Market - Quarterly Presentation


Worldwide Leading IT Supplier in Japan

Project Type

Quarterly Customer Presentations

The Challenge

Our client intended to build an ongoing mechanism to understand Taiwan's PC server market, including the market size, market shares, industry trends, vendors product pricing & offerings, vendor activities, distribution channel, application segments, etc., in order to make the quickest response to any change of the market.

The Solution

Our clients were eager to get the quickest possible research results, they kept pushing us from the yearly research to biannual research, quarterly research, or even monthly or weekly research. Considered the natural of the PC server research, time, budget, and we had conducted the quarterly PC server tracking program for years, we convinced our client we can add more scope to our ongoing quarterly PC server tracking program; we can collect extra information, made more analysis, and came to the client site to make quarterly presentations.

The Result

We delivered to our client the worldwide PC sever trends, Taiwan market dynamics, vendor shares & targets, leading vendor highlights, processor mix, product pricing & offerings, distribution channel, and application segments. Through the quarterly presentations, our client can catch up the market dynamics and scenarios within one presentation time. Very helpful for our client to evaluate their quarterly performance and repeatedly think about their PC server strategies.

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