Taiwan Internet Market Study


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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to set up an internet division and started an ISP (Internet Services Provider) business in Taiwan. Before the operation started, the client wanted to know the global internet populations and forecast up to 2000; Taiwan internet environment, backbone providers, populations and forecast; as well as the major ISP profiles and market positions in Taiwan.

The Solution

We conducted an in-depth analysis and face to face interviews with the leading 13 ISPs in Taiwan at that time frame. Focused on revenue, profiles, facilities, users, pricing, value added services, channel structure and promotional campaigns and funds. We also talked to TWNIC and related government authorities to come out the overall market pictures, and developed our models & opinions for the client to enter the ISP business.

The Result

We found all ISPs at that time frame, were not making money after years investment, specifically the dial-up services. We recommended our client to focus on the commercial sectors and the leased line services, avoid the high price competition dial-up services. We recommended our client to build a good website, promoted the company image with side effect of selling commercial products, and keep cost down to minimize the possible loss of the ISP business. The client adopted all our recommendations and started a successful ISP business, which was a good example of the informed decision.

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