Modem Technology Trend Assessment


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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to understand the modem technology trend from leading Taiwan vendors' views and roadmaps. Compared the trends of X2 vs. K56Flex, ISDN vs. Cable Modem vs. xDSL (ADSL), Software Modem, Wireless Modem, etc. Investigated different form factors and features to be built into future modems. Highlighted key players, provided industry outlook, conducted cost analysis and cost forecast.

The Solution

We interviewed 10 modem vendors, 3 network card manufacturers, 30 ISPs, 5 notebook manufacturers, and many industry gurus to understand the vendor activities, supported standards, forecasts for different technology trends, platforms, manufacturing cost, industry outlook, and like built function and features. We consolidated all interviewees' input and views, added with our knowledge and professional opinions to come out this complete analysis and report.

The Result

We believed such research was very helpful for our client to learn from the industry players, to think from different angles and opinions from such a significant OEM/ODM manufacturing base in the world. The consolidated findings helped our client develop their next generation products and decide which standards to follow. It was a smart investment for our client in considering all the benefits this project could generate.

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