Taiwan Notebook Industry Dynamics - An Investment Opportunities Study


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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to set up a notebook R&D division in Taiwan, who was interested in finding a consulting company to help evaluating the following alternatives: option 1, hire a smart general manager to set up the R&D team; option 2, M&A minimum 51% equity for a pure notebook R&D firm; option 3, M&A minimum 51% for a notebook R&D, product planning and manufacturing firm. If the results favored the option 2, or 3, who will be the possible candidates?

The Solution

We did a series of desk research, in-depth interviews with 8 leading notebook R&D candidates, industry gurus, insiders, and conducted very detailed analysis & modeling on each candidate's Corporate Directions, R&D Resources, Production Capability, Financial Stability, M&A Willingness; adjusted with M&A cost, Return from stock/OTC market, Risk of staff turn over, Risk of over capacity, and Side business opportunities to make our overall recommendation, which included an option 4, to achieve the same purposes with an IPO office in Taiwan.

The Result

Our client adopted our recommendation to negotiate one of the best candidate, adjusted the cooperation model with more realistic targets in consider the both company positions and the cultural difference. This project helped our client make a wise and informed decision, and contributed a lot to their future success.

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