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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

In 1997, we helped our client develop the tracking mechanism to understand 32-bits PC OS & NOS adoption rates in selected commercial segments; examined the brand awareness, trial/actual usage rates, upgrade opportunities, and customer buying behaviors. This year our client came back and requested us to repeat this study with more depth on the functionality of PC server and NOS platforms; database and management tool shares; and intranet/ groupware implementation.

The Solution

We conducted 10 in-depth face to face interviews and a large scale telephone survey to collect total 362 valid samples among 7 selected commercial segments: Transportation/Telecom, Banking, Security & Insurance, Manufacturing, Wholesale & Retailer, Import & Export, and Services. We based on the survey results and most updated Taiwan PC shipment information to testify the hypothesis we developed from the prior year research; and we were satisfied to see the accuracy of our modeling and projections regarding the 32-bit OS adoption. Lots more interesting analysis were made in this research.

The Result

We delivered the standard hardware configurations, 32-bit OS usage and shares, client migration intention and analysis, PC server and NOS platforms, database and management tool shares; and customer usage & plans for intranet & groupware. We not only analyzed the data, made year to year comparisons, but also offered our strategic views and recommendations. We believe such annual tracking program will give much more value than the single shot research. Our client did benefit from our dedication and all the cross-year comparisons.

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