Taiwan Unix/Win-NT Based RDBMS Market Analysis


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Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Excluding the mainframe and PC based Relational Database Management System, Unix & Win-NT based is the most promising markets for now and future. Our client intends to understand this market size, shares, and forecast in the Taiwan marketplace. Benchmark the vendors' operations, strengths and weaknesses to formulate the best marketing strategies.

The Solution

This is a selected niche segment of the overall RDBMS market. To achieve the research purpose, we interviewed the global leading vendors - IBM, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft and their selected channels. We described the market by RDBMS Engines, Development Tools & Utilities, Application, and Services. We compared the sales revenue in both Unix and Windows NT platforms and came out the solid segment analysis. We used each vendors' sales forecast and industry forecast, combined with the industry guru's opinions to make the overall judgment and trend analysis.

The Result

As a general rule, when you add each vendor's sales quota and forecast, it will be larger than everyone's industry forecast. Therefore a unbiased 3rd party like TechInsight can view the market with the most objective position and opinions. When we analyze the vendor performance and like with their channel program and structure, we can help our client get the most accurate market data and information. Very helpful to our client's business strategy development.

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