Taiwan VSAT Market Opportunity Study


A Global Telecom Company

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intended to step in Taiwan's emerging VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) market, this study helped our client understand and analyze the history and future of Taiwan telecommunication industry, and evaluated the investment opportunities.

The Solution

We conducted 100 face-to-face interviews to random selected top enterprises in Taiwan by industry, to understand their usage and demands of voice, fax, bulk file transfer, terminal access, LAN, email, Intranet, EDI, EFT, Video Conferencing, POS, etc. for last year, current year, and the next year. We asked them about their telecom services for VSAT, Analog/Digital Leased Circuits, Package Switching, Frame Relay, Telephone Lines, ATM, xDSL, and ISDN for now and future. We also investigated their usage preference, vendor preference, price expectation, and the vendor loyalties.

The Result

We confirmed the globalization trend and the increasing telecom service demands of large Taiwanese companies in this study. We delivered to our client the average yearly telecom service expenditures, demand & usage, technology adoption trends, and importance ratings of various telecom services, vendor positioning, satisfactions, and the switching service provider possibilities. Both client and we believe that a complete end user study is best to know the target markets and evaluate the investment opportunities.

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