Taiwan NIC Manufacturer Profiles


Leading Global Network Solution Vendor in USA

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Taiwan is a huge OEM base for PC and PC peripherals, including the Network Interface Cards (NIC). Our client was wondering how can Taiwanese companies make such high quality and cheap NICs? What are Taiwan's competitive advantages? What are the leading vendors' likely cost structure? and the likely global manufacturing strategies?

The Solution

Learn from the leaders, we chose 2 leading Taiwan NIC manufacturers, collected, interviewed, and analyzed their organization, resources, finances, manufacturing capacity, R&D capability, components supplier relationship, cost structure, alliances/partners, technology migration trend, target market, product strategies, sales & marketing plans and activities on other countries, etc.

The Result

Our client was surprised to receiving such detailed analysis in our report. They used it as a base to benchmark the Taiwanese companies with themselves from the organization, manufacturing cost, profitability, to globalization strategy, and operational effectiveness. This report generated tremendous value for our client compete in the world.

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