High-End Desktop Publishing Market in Taiwan


Nasdaq Software Vendor in USA

Project Type

Consulting Project

The Challenge

Our client intends to launch a new professional page layout product in Taiwan in 2H1999. They wants to decide the engineering effort, product positioning, localization demands, and best marketing strategies before the product launch.

The Solution

We want to size the H/E DTP market potential and forecast, competitive status, end-user application & expectations, and understand the conversion opportunities from Mac platform to PC. We finished 10 face-to-face interviews to H/E DTP vendors & channels. We also conducted 80 face-to-face end user surveys to 16 industries. 50% traditional media companies and output/print centers; 50% the high-tech, semiconductor, software and notebook manufacturers. These companies represent the emerging opportunities that will likely purchase the new software to do the in-house layout and pre-printing work, instead of outsourcing.

The Result

We described Taiwan H/E DTP market size for 1997, 1998, and 1999 forecast, segmented by Line Art, Page Layout, and Image Process. We told our client the market shares and competitive products & movement. We delivered the end-user usage, language, platform, switch willingness and expectations among 16 surveyed industries. Based on this 180 pages report and several discussion meetings, our client had made the informed decisions and formulated the successful product launch in Taiwan.

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