Taiwan Call Center Survey

Doc No.: TII9901
Publish Date: Feb 1999
Number of Printed Pages: 152
Number of Tables: 52
Analyst: Henry King


Due to the usage of call center service is increasing in Taiwan, TechInsight conducted a research study to realize and analyze the existing and potential customers of call center service in various industries. The research study of the call center service is aimed to accomplish the following objectives: 1. Measure the present usage of call center service in specific industries in Taiwan. 2. Understand the call center service demands from existing and potential customers. 3. Examine the factors of call center application which are concerned by the sampled companies. 4. Develop the appropriate packages with different functions of call center service for various industries and companies.

TechInsight finished 90 valid samples among 6 industries: 1. Retail Banking/Credit Card Issuer; 2. Insurance Companies; 3. Consumer Products; 4. Technology/Industrial; 5. Transportation; and 6. Others (Hotel/Distribution/Securities). After 2 months dedication and hard work, research findings are delivered in this 156 pages report.

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