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Our Philosophy

Strategic decision-making in the technology industry - be it in the product, marketing, supply chain, partnering or areas - has never been more difficult, and the risks have never been higher. This highly complex, high-risk environment is here to stay. As such, quality research and information to support key decisions has never been more important. It is TechInsight's mission to provide the critical information inputs and insights needed to make good decisions.

Having conducted hundreds of research projects, TechInsight believes the purpose of research is to help people solve problems. Through rigorous research methodologies, comprehensive data collection, sophisticated analyses and creative data presentation, TechInsight delivers to customers clear and convincing findings and recommendations that can be translated into quick and successful action.

Most research companies focus only on the "what" of problems. That is, helping clients only understand "what" is going on in their business or market. TechInsight's philosophy is to push technology research much further to explain not only the "what", but also the "why", and most importantly the "so what". We explain "why" through empirical analysis, competitive analysis, and trend projections. "So what" comprises our views of what the information means and what actions clients should take to improve their business.

Delivering the "what's", "why's", and "so what's" of research require a close working relationship, and a deep understanding of our client's business issues. Our approach is to work with you as a team from scooping the project, through reviewing interim results and implications (and modifying scope if necessary), to product high-impact presentations designed to communicate the right messages in the correct way for your company.


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